Divine Healer

This is a testimony about my uncle Bunyau Kudi. My name is Jalita. Happened in Oct 2012.

My uncle Bunyau was diagnosed with throat cancer. He came to KL from Julau, Sarawak to undergo treatment at General Hospital Kuala Lumpur. He was schedule for operation on 15th October 2012. Before the operation, the doctor did advise him and all family members that due to the severity of cancer on his tongue, he may never be able to speak again. The tongue will be shortened after the operation due to infection from the cancer.


Bunyau Kudi 01 Before

The operation was stopped half way as his blood pressure drop drastically, his kidney failed, had lung infection and his heart became weak. He was breathing with the life support machine and put in ICU care. He was in coma since then. His condition worsened since the operation as it was not completed. I can tell that he look like a dead body with machine full of wires. Half of his face was cover by transparent plastics like our food wrapping plastics. I can’t think how he look like at that time in ICU. They ask me if I ever watch movie alien vs predator. My uncle will look like predator when they open their mouth.

Bunyau Kudi 02 After

On 16th, I call Pastor James Doss from Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship Church, to pray for my uncle through handphone as he could not come due to heavy rain and traffic, also of other appointments after that. As pastor prayed, I ask my nephew, uncle’s son to put the handphone next to my uncle’s ears. Praise the Lord, as the moment pastor pray for Him, drastically both of my uncle legs were up and try to get up. Till nurse came n advise my uncle to calm down.

On 17th morning, I was shocked when I receive call from my Aunty (his wife). It’s seem, the news spread quickly in our hometown claiming that my uncle is dead. On the afternoon, Pastor James Doss came and visited us at the hospital. We all went to the ICU room, three of us and pray for my uncle. In the middle of prayer, I am wondering why pastor keep saying “NO.. NO.. He will rise. Jesus say he will rise.. “.
I am very sure, something is not right but I dare not ask pastor.

After prayer, pastor advise my Aunty and her son not to cry or sad anymore. He advise them to claim God’s word in Psalms 91:15-16 which become a daily prayer for my Aunty.

On 18th. my uncle woke up from coma. What I meant by awake is, he can move his body, hand and make sound respond to what we ask. His pressure, kidney, lung and heart all become normal. You can see there was a change in his body. Previous, he look pale and cold when you touch his body. But not today, you can see the difference. Body become warm and alive.

Bunyau Kudi 03 Out from ICU

On 19th, he was immediately arrange for operation to be continued. Continue what they have left before. He become better n better.
Few days after that, he was out from ICU room. What surprise me and lot of people in hospital include his doctor is, that he still can speak. He can even tell me his experience during coma. Most of people including doctors said no hope specially when kidney failure. But, God is Almighty and Jesus Christ healed my uncle and he is alive and well. He is live till now. He is now under post operation treatment as follow-up for cancer @ general hospital. He speak well, eat well and is normal like before.

Bunyau Kudi 04 Share Exp

I hope this Testimony can inspire lot of people not to loose faith in Christ Jesus as He is the healer, He will never leave us nor forsake us. Glory to God.
Thank you.

By Jalita
Feb 2013

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