My Encounter with God

In the month of February 2009, in one of our church’s overnight prayer session, when Pastor James prayed for me I was given a prophecy from God.

God said , “Something good is happening to me in the month of May 2009”. I was full of expectations of what that “something could be”?


As time passed by, I had obviously forgotten to look out for this ”Something good happening to me” moment. Then one Friday nite, whilst I was in my bedroom getting ready for bed something prompted me to go to Ken’s ( my 2nd son) room. I just walked towards his work table & I realised my hands were just rummaging through the heap of books, papers files which were on his table. I honestly did not know what I was looking for… Then my fingers just fished out a book entitled “Give me 40 days..an invitation for an Encounter with God” authored by Freeda Bowers. I took it back to my room and started reading a few pages of it.

The following night, (Saturday night) at around 11.45pm; I was again prompted to continue to read the book, but this time I went downstairs to my lounge area (as my husband was in the room and the T.V. set was on) . I started with a prayer to God to ask Him what was it that He wanted to tell me? Then I confessed to God that I wanted to start my 40 day prayer journey with Him using the book I found “Give me 40 days” book as a guide to start a disciplined daily time with God.[ At the end of my encounter with God (read full story below) I realised that what happened to me had nothing to do with the book. God knew my heart..He knew that this time I was serious with my ‘walk with Him’ ….the book was merely the ‘trigger’ to get me started ].

As I began praying, something strange happened. I felt a tight grip around my ankles. I quickly opened my eyes and looked down and around my legs to see if there was anything. There was nothing! I massaged my ankles to ease the strange tingling sensation. That worried me. I asked God why there was a feeling of numbness which appeared to be moving up my legs and my knees.! I continued to pray & worship God, I realised I was sobbing continuously for no reason at all and my eyes and nose were just pouring out ‘buckets’..like a turned on tap !

Then a voice said to me “Be still I am healing you!

Stricken with awe..and knowing that a voice like that could only be from God..I just froze and repeatedly said , “Yes, Lord”, Yes, Lord”, “Thank you, Lord”…I continued to ramble off in prayers .At one point I opened my eyes to reach out for some tissue to wipe up my soaking wet face…. the voice said to me again..“Be still, I am not finished; I am still healing you”. I was so stunned that God knew that I opened my eyes and was fidgeting around and He told me to be still!!

I obediently shut my eyes, continued in prayer to God, I kept praising and thanking God and the amazing thing was, the tingling sensation began to move upwards from the knees and stopped at my lower abdomen. Every time the tingling sensation paused at a certain part of my body; God would explain to me what He was healing me of!

At first I didn’t believe it was God talking to me and healing me, I thought I must be imagining it all … .Then there was massive tingling around my whole chest and God spoke to me again in a gentle voice and said, “I am healing your clogged arteries & all the pain you’ve had” (God knew of the emotional pain I’ve suffered & mental torture I went through over the past 12 years; pictures of my past just flashed through my mind to remind me of them & just when I thought I could not cry any harder… the tears in my eyes literally burst forth)!

At that point, I knew that God was dealing with me and my ‘past’ and was restoring me. It was a complete ’divine’ body overhaul! I kept praising and thanking God for His divine touch and I just continued to cry uncontrollably in joy! The tingling feeling would stop at a certain area of my body, then God would speak to me. After God spoke, the tingling would move up to the next area.

From my chest, the numbness moved upwards (by passed my neck) and paused at my mouth area.

Then God said to me, “I’m healing your tongue and all the ‘hurts’ you have caused others with your words. You must ask for forgiveness from them.

Then the tingling moved up to my eyes and God said, “I’m healing your eyes”.

The next thing that I felt was as though my whole head was numb, and God said , “I am healing your mind, the memories of the past which are still hurting you. I will give you wisdom…wisdom to understand.

Then finally, God said, “I have finished healing you”. The first thing when I opened my eyes, I muttered “Wow, God was that really you”? I looked at the clock and it showed 12.40 a.m..I had been crying and praying to God for 55minutes non-stop!! Now, this was surely my record time for non-stop crying! But it was worth every drop of tear that was shed; as when I reminisced what God had done to me during my encounter with GOD, I felt so humbled to know that God would speak to me. ( I previously thought that God only spoke to anointed Pastors and the selected ‘important’ people and never to ordinary people like me)!

God really knew my heart as I had never stopped confessing my love for Him. This incident has indeed opened my mind and tremendously strengthened my faith in “my daily walk with God. It has given me a desire to seek Him and to read His word in the bible”. Once again, God is true to His word and His prophetic words which said “that something good is happening to me in the month of MAY”….The incident above happened at 11.45pm (2nd May 2009) and ended at 12.40am (3rd May 2009). And God’s healing on me happened exactly 7 months from that day in October 2008, when I told God that I was tired of my life without God in it…and I asked God to take over. Is it a coincidence that the healing happened 7 months after my submission to God and that the number 7 is God’s holy number?

I believe God wants to speak to all of us, except that most of the times we are guilty of shutting Him out. As we rush through our daily activities we tend to forget to give God the time. So we can’t blame God that we do not hear Him speak to us because even if He had wanted to have a ‘divine chat’ with us He could not do so because we never gave Him the time. I have now learned to quieten my mind, to be still before God and to come before Him with a broken spirit and a contrite heart to seek and call upon Him. I have learned to wait on Him and to listen. God speaks!

Indeed I testify, that what I went through that night in the month of May was truly “an out of this world experience” !
GOD is so real! PRAISE GOD!!

I now understand the emotions of King David, when the Holy Spirit led him to write in Psalm 53:1 ….

“The fool has said in his heart, there is no God”.

David loved God; and the bible calls David…“a man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel13:14 , Acts 13:22)”. David had many, many ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD. How can there be no God? Once you’ve had an encounter with God you will surely know for yourself that there is a God and He is so real!

By Honey Jee

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