How God Delivered Me From Fear, Depression and Worries

In May 2008, when I first attended Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship Church (AGCFC) and when Pastor James prayed for me, he told me that something happened to me 7 years ago resulting in my constant fear, depression and worries. Here is my testimony that I would like to share with you.


I am from Sarotok, Sarawak. I am born in a family of 2 brothers and me. In 2001, I was working with a Bank in Kuala Lumpur (“KL”). It was a very stressful time in my career and I am far away from home. Work pressure kept increasing and I finally resigned from that Bank in April 2004. Taking a pay cut, I then joined an audit firm in KL hoping for a more peaceful work environment than my last job; however, the stress became worse. This resulted in me always falling sick and having insomnia. The pay cut yielded me financial difficulties; therefore, I isolated myself from the world at large including not telling my family about my situation and financial position.

At the beginning of 2005, I went home to Saratok, Sarawak to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. My mother scolded me for not sweeping the floor and we had a quarrel. The situation had triggered a behavioural problem in me. I took the bus to Kuching, Sarawak to spend Chinese New Year with a brother there instead. While in Kuching, I did not share my financial problem with my brother.

Upon returning to KL, I kept having suicidal thoughts especially when I see large trucks passing by and tall buildings, as life was not worth living then.

In 2006, I always prayed to God to take my life as it was too hard to live. On 30th August 2006, I took a packet of sleeping tablets that my mother had given me (prescription from her doctor with full strength) for my insomnia. 31st August 2006 was a public holiday and I did not wake up until 1st September 2006, which is a working day but I did not go to work for I had slept for 2 days! I had earlier applied for a day leave on 4th September 2006. Instead, I went to work that day and the staff though I had mixed up my leave day and did not suspect anything. In mid September 2006, I suffered life threatening high fever and dehydration due to the amount of sleeping pills I took earlier. Thereafter, I still have suicidal thoughts and I become more isolated from everyone and did not tell my family about my situation.

In December 2007, I changed to a higher salary paying job and I was financially in a better position. In May 2008, the company that I worked for was undergoing financial difficulties and I had to work till 10 to 11pm daily. The legal manager of the firm I was with who was attending AGCFC, introduced me to the Pastor. My initial intention to see Pastor James was to deliver my brother in Kuching, Sarawak from evil spirits.

When I met Pastor James, he told me that something had happened to me 7 years ago resulting in the change of my behaviour. That was the beginning of God delivering me. In July 2008 when Pastor Frankie Khoo was the guest speaker at AGCFC, he told me to read Deuteronmy, chapter 28. When another guest speaker Pastor Bernard Teh came, and was calling people to pray over towards the end, I was disappointed that he did not call on me. However, on the drive home (it takes about 45 minutes driving time), I started speaking in tongue. The following day, I returned to AGCFC where Pastor Bernard Teh was speaking on the 2nd day, I was called towards the end and was told that God wants to take away my fear, depression and worries. He also prophesied that God will take care of my brother in Kuching too. Thereafter, the fear, depression and worries that I had for years were totally (100%) gone! I am able to sleep like normal people! Praise the Lord for my healing.

Even though I was baptised in Sarawak, I had my submerged into water baptism in late September 2008. Thereafter, I feel better and started enjoy listening to worship songs and reading the Holy Bible. I want to give thanks to the Lord for delivering me and I so love the Lord my God.

By Elizabeth Teo

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